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Hello there!

And welcome to my blog, its not the only blog, but its mine.

Ive decided to start writing a blog (there has been a blog before which i hated and did not want to write for) mostly to fill the time in my day where i am not busy but haven’t anything to do (aside from cook and clean and wash my make up brushes, however procrastination is a wonderful tool).

For now, a little about me.
My name is Pippa, i am born and raised just outside of Manchester city centre, and had never seen a cow unclose until i was nineteen, i guess that makes me a city girl.
Self confessed lipstick addict, nail polish hoarder and a girl constantly in search of THAT hair product that will give me the locks I’ve always dreamed of.
Ive worked in the make up industry for five years, and have tried just about every lipstick in the country in that time! Who knew?

namesI met my husband Matt in a night club completely by accident, and fell in love quickly.
We married in July 2012, in a beautiful tudor building surrounded by our close friends and family! He makes me happy everyday, and brings me tea constantly when I’m stressed!
What more can a girl ask for?

So if you want girl talk, stick around!

Pippa xxx