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I can’t be the only person who stalks google for elusive nail polish swatches before purchase? I don’t think I’ve ever bought an OPI polish without first scouring the internet for daylight swatches, fluro swatches, and info on whether it will turn my generally not-too-badly stained nails into yellow witch claws.

On to the polish, its a beautiful blue creme, i find creme polishes don’t usually last as well as some with a little shimmer, however this one did a good three days post application, which in a hands on and frequently washing with alcohol job is a god send! Application was a dream, one coat was fine but i always do two, usually just to just to give it a bit of thickness, mostly to protect my nails more than anything.
I had absolutely no issues with staining, not even the skin around my nails suffered during removal. I must warn any buyers though, this looks nothing on the nail like it does in the bottle, seriously, just google it and see any number of variations of ‘how this looks’ in any number of lights. I like this quality though, it keeps things interesting!

Its up there with my all time favourite blue actually, which is OPI Eurso Euro (a la euro central collection of 2013).

If you want to purchase one of these beauties, you can grab it here for £11.95


Pippa xxx