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I’ll throw money at anything that claims to thicken my hair. Honestly. After a bout of illness just before my wedding in 2012 which caused my hair to come out by the handful, i have bought anything that promises thicker locks. Personal favourites being Jamaican Black Castor Oil – bought here, ORS Hair Fertilizer – Here and Regaine for women!

The first two do certainly give my hair a thicker look, and i think help prevent breaks, although its not the sort of thing i like to have on around hubby, hardly an attractive look!  But any reasonable priced haircare range that promises thicker locks without any sleeping on towels and shower caps makes me shake with excitement!


So when Loreal released the Fibology range, and the beauty world went all a-twitter, i rushed to boots to buy the full set, but due to the large demand for the range, sadly i could only get my hands on the Shampoo, Conditioner and Thickness booster.
The range contains contains a breakthrough technology, Filloxane, that penetrates the hair shaft and thickens it from the inside out. It claims to continue to work even after washing, having a cumulative effect that remains and builds up wash after wash to thicken hair over time.

Im sure there is plenty of hard hitting science behind the range, and scientists in lab coats nodding and shaking their heads as they work to figure out what ground breaking science can top this, but all you need to know is that it works!

The Shampoo 

i washed my hair with a Pantene Clarifying Shampoo before i used it for the first time, to remove any build up of product that may affect my test. After this, i used a 10p sized amount of the Fibrology Shampoo to do a second more thorough shampoo. It lathered well, as it should seeing as its packed with SLES, and it smells, well, like L’oreal Shampoos smell, not offensive or overly fragranced, but strong enough to smell pleasant during. It cleaned my hair nicely, it doesn’t seem to leave my hair with too much build up. A good all rounder i think.

£3.99 for 400ml or £2.99 for 250mlP1010215

The Thickness Booster 

This is an in shower treatment, it comes in a fancy looking tube and contains a high concentration of the innovative ingredient, Filloxane. You apply it to your hair from root to tip after rinsing out your shampoo and apply the conditioner or masque over the top immediately. I did this. Its got a very watery consistency, and there is only 30ml per tube, so i find it difficult to judge how much i should be using to get my moneys worth out of each tube. And at £5.99 a tube, i want at least 6 uses.


The Conditioner

The conditioner i think must be what really thickens the hair, in my opinion anyway. Again it has the nice smell that L’oreal products tend to have, slightly stronger than the shampoo i think but nothing migraine inducing. I always brush my hair before showering anyway, as my hair gets tangled at any sign of moisture let alone a good coating of water! It seems to deal with any in shower tangles well, and leaves my hair feeling soft. The Top down bottle makes it easy to distinguish it from the shampoo for those of us left defenceless against in shower boo-boos without our contact lenses in!
£3.99 for 400ml or £2.99 for 250ml


The Results 
I didn’t realise how much thicker my hair felt until it was mostly dry, i assume this is because although my hair is fine there is generally quite a bit of it, albeit it the regrowth hair i have is thinner than the rest! I find using heat tools actually brings out the true value of these products, just a rough blow dry is enough to reveal the thickening effect but a good go over with a small round brush and the dryer really brings it to life. My hair feels a good 20-30% thicker, and definitely has more bounce and shine than using my usual mishmash of products! I can’t wait to try the other products in the line.  Thumbs up from me!

You can buy the range at any good L’oreal stockists, or here from boots.

Pippa xxx