Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump

We all have a laundry list of things we want to change about ourselves. Thicker, longer hair, a slimmer nose, bigger boobs. The one i hear the most in my industry is ‘i just wish my lips were a little fuller’. And boy, big business knows all about it! The industry has been big on lip plumpers, most noticeably DuWop Lip venom, and my personal first lip plumper experience in the form of Too Faced Lip Injection. (Which left a friend of mine madly rubbing it off her lips, onto her jumper, aged 13).

I have used the original Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker many a year ago, and it comes in a good shade range, varying from nudes to pinks, and although they’re generally very sheer they do offer a nice slick of colour while doing the job. The original is a much stickier gloss, and i found it to be a more mild than a lot of the others I’ve tried in the past.

I got the Mother Pucker Extreme XL at christmas, and have been trying to give it a good run. I only own the colour ‘Pink out loud’ however i would like to buy the other available in boots, ‘Very Berry’, but i don’t feel i need BOTH, so ill leave it until i finish up my tube! The new packaging seems funner and more classy looking, moving away from the old packaging thats name had been scratched away by a stint in my handbag!


Pink Out Loud

Here are my Lips pre- plumping.






This is after my first coat of the good stuff, its much less sticky than the original formula, with a lovely strawberry scent that reminds me of ice cream from Fredericks in the Chill Factore. I find the tingling not so bad, its nothing i can’t handle while having a conversation!






I actually find that this is better after two coats, apply once, wipe off and then reapply to get the maximum results.
The colour isn’t anything i would usually pick, i much prefer darker more berry colours, however this is nice enough to be used over darker colours and still give a little plump. Here they are after two full coats!


Those are my results! You can judge for yourself. My Lips look and feel a lot plumper during use! Now if only they could  make one that plumped my lips all day…

Have you Tried the Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Lip plumper? What are your favourite lip plumbers?