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With ‘no make up selfless’ becoming the new hip way to raise money for cancer research, and the everyday woman comparing their skin to the skin of the celebs with their regular facials and pricey skin care regimes, were you comfortable baring it all to the world?

I don’t claim to be a skincare expert, but as a MUA i heed any advice that promises myself and my clients instant glowy radiant skin. However, it doesn’t matter how much you can afford to spend, just like building a house, it will all come tumbling down if you don’t get the foundations right.

You’ve probably heard it all before, but lets go!



Lets get the obvious out of the way, drinking water is always the number one for good skin, it helps remove toxins from the body, rehydrate skin, and give your hair skin and nails a wonderful glow, without the need for 20 different beauty products! Without a the water, your skin can become dry and dehydrated, and can lead to the appearance of wrinkles. a good way to add water to your diet without having a constant bottle of Evian in hand? Eat water heavy fruits and veg! Tomatoes, Watermelon, Grapes, Celery. A handful of grapes with breakfast can make all the difference!


Ever heard of a stress break out? Or a stress rash? Its the number one day to ruin my day, having to cover a stress rash or decide to bear it and share it with the world! Try to take an hour or so a night, maybe after the kids are in bed, or relegate the fella to his video games for an hour. Use this ‘me time’ to relax, read a good book, watch a DVD, have a bath. I usually light a candle, grab a book, apply some hand cream, and get under my covers and try to forget the world! At the end of the hour, take the time to wash your face thoroughly and apply a good layer moisturiser before bed. When you’re stressed its easier to neglect to your skincare routine, we all know that ‘Just get me to bed’ feeling!



We’re all guilty of skipping the work out DVD in exchange for a brew and the soaps, (in fact I’m skipping mine for a brew and blogging right now!!) However, cardio increases blood flow and circulation throughout your whole body. This can add a nice rosy glow to a dull skin tone, and brighten the skin and give you a lovely glow post work out complexion!

Wash and Exfoliate

Wash your face twice a day, when you wake up when you’re brushing your teeth. Even if you think you look amazing, that ultra glowy morning skin? Sweat. Wash it off!
And in the evening, make sure to double cleanse to thoroughly remove any make up from your skin to stop it clogging your pores and staining your pillow case! If you can, use a good waterproof eye make up remover as well. Debris from your Mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow can get in your eye at night and damage it. I was thoroughly told off by my optician for this very thing!
I try to exfoliate with a abrasive exfoliant twice a week, Ive been loving Mac Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, its a little rough for my skin when its sore but if i mix it with a creme cleanser to soften it down, its perfect. I use Washi Cloths (on sale at a bargain price now!) remove my cleansers. They offer a gentle exfoliation day to day without over stressing the skin.


Get your Vitamins and Oils 

Your body needs a constant supply of good vitamins, and fats to maintain your day to day health, and good skin hair and nails. You can keep your body topped up in any way you like, juice, smoothies, fresh fruit and veg or tablets.
If like me your healthy eating plans are often scuppered by long train journeys and work days, a multi vitamin tablet and some fish oil capsules can do you the world of good! No need to fork out on expensive hair skin and nails formulas, match up the contents list the back to the ABC multi vitamins available and find the best match at a bargain price!


Clear out your pores 

Congested skin is a nightmare, it ruins your foundation, your selfies, i know, my nose has a constant need to be clogged. Some self heating masks can be good, soap and glory do a wonderful one by the name of No Cloggs Allowed designed specifically to unblock pores, this is no good for my whole face, so a good coating on my nose only works wonders!  Failing that, i use my washi cloth and some hot water to push the debris out of my nose. I tend to avoid pore strips, i find they pull off the top layer of dirt but leave some deep in the pores. Say bye bye blocked pores and hello pretty skin!


Beauty Sleep

When your sleep, growth hormone and serotonin are released in the brain. This eases under eye circles, gives you fresher skin, a clearer outlook and a better mood for you! This is often easier said than done, but combined with a nightly de-stress and a good diet full of vitamins and healthy fish oils, sleep can do the world of good! If you’re an insomniac like me, you might as well try to enjoy the time you spend staring at the ceiling. I love the This Works Deep Sleep range help me ease off to sleep slowly. I use the deep sleep pillow spray before bed, the deep sleep night oil on my hands and décolletage before bed. And for those insomnia headaches.. or any head ache. i love This Works In Transit Muscle Therapy Lotion its a nifty little roller ball product, perfect for post exercise aches and pains as well!

What are your tips for healthy happy skin?
Thanks for reading!