I think every beauty girl i know has a big tub of Coconut Oil stashed away somewhere unloved, I don’t know why. Maybe its because we get tired of massaging it into our hair and looking like grease monsters until we wash it out? It sounds perfect, cheap, accessible, miracle oil made to make up beautiful, but we don’t seem to use it. Maybe its because we can’t deal with it being solid at room temperature, but going surprisingly liquid whenever we touch it…weird. I just don’t know. I know I have forsaken you coconut oil, and i promise you…no more! (SOAD fans scroll to bottom….)

But today were going to look at the many, many uses for your unloved tub of coconut oil, some may surprise you, some you may have to go and try right now…

1. Make Up Remover  

This may not be for everyone, however it is pretty kick ass at waterproof make up removal, and general removal of skin nastiness, like attracts like, oil attracts oil, lovely.

2. Lip Balm 

It may not be thick enough for some of you thick balm lovers out there, however its lovely with a touch of vaseline mixed in for a more stable set, that won’t melt into nothingness on your finger before you get it on your lips!

I filled this pot with coconut oil and vaseline 3 months ago, and this is what remains!



3. Shaving cream.

The oil softens the leg hair making for an easier shave, doesn’t clog the razor up with icky-ness. Also softens the skin, but more on that at number 11.

4. Body Scrub

Mix it up with some sea salt or sugar, or whatever is your exfoliant of choice for a all natural exfoliator.

5. Eyebrow Colour, Eyeliner.

We all know you can wet a brush and use it with your brown eyeshadow to fill your brows, but did you know using coconut oil is a wonderful alternative? Not only does it give you thicker, fuller, NATURAL looking brows, but it actually conditions your eyebrows at the same time, leading to thicker nicer looking brows as well! Who knew! (I bet you didn’t…. ) You can also use it as an eyeliner, but you’ll struggle to achieve the ultimate opacity you guys love, however same rules apply, it will condition your lashes is its close enough!

6.Lash Lengthener

Do you know how many girls I’ve seen on the internet begging for their lashes back after lash extensions went wrong? Coconut oil, I scream (no one listens). Rub it on your lashes careful before bed post make up removal, it conditions the lashes making them less prone to breakage.

7. Teeth Whitening

Some people use it for oil pulling, which is a method of the patient, which i am not. I have tried and cannot commit too, however it is a nice idea, if the ‘whitening’ bit appeals to you though, id just rub it on your teeth. Im not entirely sure this works, opinions differ, but its tastes good anyway!

8. Cuticle Care

Massage coconut oil into your cuticles and nails once or twice a day for lovely soft cuticles and shiny healthy nails, linger lasting manicures… you name it!

9. Frizz Fighter

A tiny touch of this stuff rubbed through your hair helps fight frizz and keep hair shiny and lovely looking.

10. Conditioner 

Deep condition your hair by rubbing a generous amount into your hair once a week and sleeping on it. Its probably best to sleep on a towel as not to get this on the pillowcase, however usually the hair absorbs most of it over night!



11. Body Moisturiser 

Fairly Self explanatory I feel, use this the night before self tanning for a good even base, use it to keep your tan looking lovely, use it as hand cream, foot cream, cover yourself head to toe and see gorgeous plump soft skin shortly after!

12. Scalp Treatment

Massage this into your scalp to moisturise your scalp, preventing dandruff, conditioning your roots, thickening the hair. Give yourself a real vigorous massage to increase the blood flow to the scalp and help hair grow in better!

13. Pre-shampoo treatment 

Rub this on the ends of your hair to prevent them from the drying effect of the shampoo while you wash your hair. This can extend the time between trims, and allow hair to grow longer by helping prevent split and dry ends. This will leave your hair lovely and glossy, and don’t worry, the shampoo running down the hair follicle when you rinse will rinse the oil off easily, so no greasy ends.

Want to see more? Leave me a comment below!

and lastly, for those System of a down fans that made it that far…