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Do you practise what she preaches? Caroline hirons, the self titled ‘Patron Saint Of Flannel’ will tell anyone who will listen the urgent need to wash with a flannel. In fact she can be found in the daily mail (*cough* fail*) EDIT: (Caroline points out she gave a quote to Debenhams who gave it to the Daily Fail, and so she is forgiven)  and many a online publication citing the benefits of washing your face with such a vintage and bargain item.



If like me you remember having a lukewarm flannel pushed at you by a mother somewhat unimpressed by the 007-style roll around the garden you had in your new dress 10 minutes before leaving to visit an obscure relative, the humble flannel may seem like a ridiculous and downright terrifying piece of cloth.However i have broken down the psychological barriers between myself and the flannel, pushing aside the pricier and pain in the arse to wash muslin cloth, and Ive come back to the humble flannel and embraced it with open arms.



Parentally induced flannel trauma aside, and more to the point, I have a BARGAIN to share with you all. If like me, you occasionally stalk the ‘Clearance section’ of your local Tesco for random decor items and other goodies (Full set of posh steak knives for £7? Yes please!) You may be excited to see these flannels reduced to ’75p’ and grab two or three. However as you will see, they actually scan at 25p. A quarter of what they cost on the Tesco website. There is only three colours available, the grey, blue and purple, so which ever suits your needs. However i bought 28, yes 28. I am an addict,but I’m not ashamed. I cleared the shelf. Sorry Salford. (Not Sorry)



Do you give the humble flannel the respect it deserves?