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Just a few Mac Lipsticks in their beautiful and unique packaging…

So here i go again, searching for a lipstick to match my eyeshadow, frequently passing by the limited edition lipsticks i coveted so much pre purchase. In fact, just in limited edition packaging i have 38 i can find… do i really need them? I have hundreds of lipsticks, some would call it excessive (they do) but at the time i REALLY feel i need that new shade, the new packaging, to add to my collection of fancy-cased Mac Lipsticks, outside the realm of Pro discount i pay the full cost, sometimes twice over, convincing myself i NEED this one for my kit, and i have to get it. NOW.


And some more…

This is a well known selling tactic, create a scarcity, and watch people scramble to get a piece. If someone said they were discontinuing Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut, i’d run to Costco and buy 12 boxes. I love them, and i can’t imagine not having them in my life. And i think if you are in the blogging world it becomes easy to be spending a fortune on the ‘new’ lipstick everyones talking about, the new nail polish shade.

Too many people i know end up with boxes of make up they barely use, and all because of a hype in sited by well… big brands and other bloggers.

So what i wanted to say, and am not doing very well is.
Please don’t waste your money, you work too hard to get it, and I’ll try to stop wasting mine.

Pip xx