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P1010893Late night swatching…. what can i say. Husband is happy playing Call of Duty with our best friend, he’s delivering me frequent cups of tea and i am sat surrounded by make up… lets talk Chanel.

I have a fondness for Chanel, the cool, sleek packaging, the gentle click of the case. It feels grown up, luxurious, everything i want to be seen applying in the ladies room.

I have dozens of red lipsticks (i should probably do something about that…) and tonight I’m going to swatch you my red Chanel Rouge Allure ones. Every woman should have that one red lipstick that makes her feel sexy and special, i think all of these fill that criteria for me!


The Formula 

Both the rouge allure and the rouge allure velvet formulas have an average wear time on my lips, 4 hours roughly, but the reds leave a nice stain to the lips which lasts longer. Its full of good things, such as antioxidants, tea butter and hydrating agents. Chanel have a tendency to create lots of blue based reds, which is great, as they make your teeth look whiter! So expect to see a lot of those!


Palpitante 102
Palpitante is a classic raspberry red. Its bright and fun but still grown up. Portia Freeman confessed this to be her favourite red, and it looks banging on her! ( It also looks good on us brunettes! ) 

Passion 104
Passion is a classic blue based red without shimmer, and i find suits mostly the cool toned ladies I encounter. Its dramatic, requires a nice sharp lip line and definitely makes a statement!

Lover 09 ( Discontinued )
Lover is one of my favourite all time chanel lipsticks, and god knows why they discontinued it. I covet it. Its a rich, pinky toned red with a ever so slight blue undertones. Sadly, this old formula lasts nowhere near as long as the new one does, but if they ever reintroduced this, i’d buy 10.

Inimitable 105
Inmitable is a bright berry red, with a subtle gold shimmer which really warms up its blue undertones and enhances your lips! It gives a lovely glow to your lips, sort of a ‘look at me shine’ but without the nasty lipstick in hair issue you get with gloss!

Pirate 99
Chanel have a thing for rich blue toned reds, this is one of their more classic reds. Its gorgeous on golden skin tones, it really gives a glowy look to the skin.

La Precieuse (Velvet – 317)
I had a friend who used to call La Precieuse a snobs Ruby Woo. She said they were so close, the only difference (aside from around £12…) was the packaging. I decided to test this theory, so below  La Precieuse is a swatch of Ruby Woo. Apparently this is not true, they look very different on paper so i shall be pointing this out to her when i see her next.

Thats it for tonight,  tell me in the comments! Whats your favourite Red Lipstick? High end or drugstore?