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By opening this webpage, you have entered into a secret pact, a society even( we don’t like the word cult… but Welcome!!) and we only have one rule, a girl can NEVER have enough red lipstick. Got it?

So thats that out the way, so welcome, to my little corner of red lipstick heaven.
Today ill be swatching the Mac red lipsticks in my collection over the next few weeks, this is one of the biggest questions i get in my job, which red is right for me? Well hopefully, i can help with that question today! Today, were starting with the Mattes!

These swatches have been done on WHITE lined paper, this is to show the true colour of the lipstick, as opposed to how it looks on my skin tone.
The Brand 
Mac Cosmetics are often known as the gateway brand into high end make up, they are placed firmly at the lower end of the price scale for high end make up you can find it places such as Selfridges or House of Fraser, making them an affordable luxury brand. They are mostly known for their vast range of eyeshadow and lipstick colours, meaning somewhere, in those black display stands, is the perfect colour for you. The lipsticks have a distinct vanilla scent which is carried across the range of lipsticks, but are distinctly taste free.

Dupes will be listed for discontinued or *Limited Ed lipsticks where possible.


The Formula

Matte/Retro Matte
Providing a long wearing finish, matte lipsticks provide no gloss or shine to the lips, and are usually the most long wearing of the finishes. Retro Matte generally refers to a truly flat matte colour, and are sometimes harder to apply, but have truly wonderful colour pay off.


*Scarlett Ibis  – Mac and Marilyn Monroe
Reddened Orange with an opaque coverage, excellent wear time. Orange reds are truly beautiful on tanned skin tones, but i do find them to be striking on pale girls too! (Dupes – *Sail La Vie in Satin Formula, Dangerous in Retro Matte is very similar but a little darker.)

*Charmed I’m Sure – Mac and Marilyn Monroe
A darkened true red, gorgeous on all skin tones I’ve tried! A lot subtler than a true bright red but without being too dark, a gorgeous all around colour. Opaque. (Dupes – Russian red is darker, a little browner. Viva Glam I is browner.) 


*Deeply Adored – Mac and Marilyn Monroe
A dark toned red, striking and gorgeous. Although quite brown toned on some skins, looks quite raspberry red on my light skin. (Dupes – Viva Glam I is browner and a little lighter) 

*Ronnie Red – Mac Archie’s Girls
Ronnie Red is a pinky red with blue undertones. Although it is a matte i have found it to be quite easy to wear, very comfortable with no bleeding. (Dupes – Relentlessly Red is lighter, *Charmed I’m Sure is a little darker but similar on the lip) 


*RiRi Woo – Mac Rihanna and Riri Loves Mac
I give the * dubiously, as this lipstick has been out more in 12 months than anything I’ve ever known, and i don’t doubt it will be back again. Its ‘Rihannas take on her favourite lipstick Ruby Woo’ but don’t be fooled, its essentially Ruby Woo, no difference on the lips, or the paper. Save yourself the extra £1 they mark it up by, and buy Ruby Woo. (Dupes – Ruby Woo)

Ruby Woo – Permanent Line
Ruby woo is macs biggest selling lipstick at my local counter. Everyone wants a tube. Its good for everyone! A long wearing, matte, bright blue red that makes your teeth look whiter and can draw a mans attention quicker than a sale on the playstation network? I’ll take 6. (Dupes- *Riri Woo….see above) 


Dangerous – Permanent Line
Orange Red, with a truly matte finish, quite tuggy on the lips during application but well worth it, as the finish is so long wearing. It has a flat matte formula, but responds well to a little bit of waxy balm to make it more comfortable to wear. (Dupes – Scarlett Ibis is slightly less matte and a little lighter)

Relentlessly Red  – Permanent Line
Bright Pink on my skin – Redder or more Coral on others, this ones an enigma. I included it here simply as its name would suggest its red, however to me, its pink. (Dupes – *Love Goddess is similar but less matte due to the Satin formula.)
Viva Glam I  – Permanent Line        
Viva Glam Lipsticks donate all profits to the Mac Aids Fund which supports men women and children living with HIV/Aids

Viva Glam I is truly retro hero, its been around for 20 years now, launched by RuPaul and it also started with this one lipstick. A deep dramatic brown red, please don’t write this one off as too brown, try it on, pout shamelessly at the mirror, and remember every purchase from this line is helping someone, somewhere.  (Dupes – *Deeply adored is pinker, Russian Red is lighter)

Russian Red – Permanent Line
A Medium dark red, although toted as a Matte i find it to be quite creamy, and easy to wear. Darker than Ruby Woo, its another top seller for Mac worldwide, and has inspired a nail polish and lip glass to match, it looks very similar on paper to Viva Glam I although a little lighter, but on the lips feels more like a cream than a matte. Looks Redder the darker and tanner the skin tone! GORGEOUS for golden skinned ladies!

Thanks for reading ladies! Did this help?

Which formula would you like to see next?