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I mean look at it…whats not to love?

I have issues with short nails, sometimes i love them, sometimes i cut all my nails off just to spite one for chipping a little. My love hate relationship with my nails has gone on for years, i had them piano teacher short for years, and then really long. This particular short-cutting was a result of doing too much DIY and not enough manicuring. Although i do try to still soak my cuticles in cuticle creams, oils, and my hands in hand creams, sometimes digging matte white emulsion out of my nail beds is too much like hard work after decorating a room all day. All that aside, lets talk about Jo’mina.

This is my go to ‘cheer me up!’ polish for my short nails, its bright, it glows, it stays on for a good 3-4 days on my hard worked hands without going all peely-walley. Its opaque in one coat, dries mega fast and is just bright enough to be work appropriate without being all ‘I’m rocking the neon yellow nails to channel the 80’s’ type deal. What more can you ask for?

At only £14.50 it won’t break the bank, and can be found Here