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P1020011I really love a good accent nail, I’m not good at ultra fiddly nail art, i don’t own a Konad stamper and i don’t generally have time for anything fancy. I received the Models Own Aqua Splash in a Birch Box this month, and i was pleasantly surprised to see it! I have had a few Models Own polishes in the past and have found them generally quite good, good enough that the ones i want are always sold out!

OPI ‘s No room for the Blues has been in my stash for years, its always brought back from the brink with a good shake and maybe a drop or two of polish thinner, making it one of my all time favourite Blue polishes. Its a Medium Sky blue, very true to the bottle and opaque in 2 coats (one is plenty, two is perfect)

Aqua splash is a flakey top coat in a sheer blue base, the flakes flash gold, aqua, and silver in different lights, i can image this one being gorgeous over a black, or over a white polish at christmas to look like snow flakes!  I originally hated this last night, in the lights in my living room it looked bland and horrible, but in day light its marvellous.

Whats on your nails today?