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Its taken me forever to figure out a way to store my nail polishes, I have three big salon size wall mountable display units that used to work in our old house, and a 5 tiered nail polish stand long resigned to the top of my bookcase out of the way, because i have got far too many to store on there anymore.

Right now, they’re stored in the first four drawers of my Ikea Alex Unit, which you can find here. I’m considering painting the drawers a nice colour, although we have lots of white furniture, i feel this looks a little plain. Stored away in these drawers, they aren’t exposed to lots of dust ( I despise dusting off nail polish bottles…)  and daylight, which can cause them to separate quicker. This isn’t ideal, i can’t see all my colours without having a good rummage, but its functional, and helps with the solvent smell you can sometimes get if they’re out in the open.


The storage as a whole.


First Drawer, Dark – Reds

The first drawer is fairly simple, It starts with the ultra dark polishes, from Lincoln Park After Dark etc. Then follows through to purples, and then reds.


Reds, Pinks, Nudes, Blues and Greens.

The second drawer is a bit more mismashed. The remains of the reds are at the front, then the pinks and nudes. Followed by Blues, Greens, Browns, Taupes and a few misc ones at the back, such as Gwen Stefani Push And Shove set.

P1020084The third drawer is a few final misc polishes, OPI glitters and Liquid Sands. China Glaze Polishes, Revlon, A Sally Hansen and some Models Own Polishes. This drawer irritates me, as its not perfect. If you OCD girls understand my misery, look away for the next drawer!

P1020086Oh god, this last drawer irritates me. Illamasqua polishes are upfront, upside down so i can see the colours, Mac are next up, also upside down but irritatingly unable to stand upright and i have to jam them in with boxes. Theres some Orly, a back up Seche Vite, A OPI 18k topcoat, some Gelac Polishes (which really should be stored with my nail kit…) Ciate, Nail glue for emergencies… (its actually excellent for glueing wooden dowels into ikea furniture….) and some press on nails from Elegant Touch at the back i keep for my kit (some girls love them….)

How do you store your nail polish? Any tips?