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Theres lots of beauty products out there now, raised up with the dawn of social media, to ‘Cult Favourite status.’ And so many people are lured into spending money on these products, even though they might not really work for them. A lot of niche brands aren’t available as samplers or testers to the public, so theres no real way to determine if you are spending your money wisely… although I’ve discovered a few that really i cannot live without (Estee lauder advance night repair, Clarins Exfoliating Toner, to name a few) there are plenty that have just made me go…oh.

A prime example for me is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, retailing at £10 for a tiny 30ml bottle running all the way upto £32 for a full size.This, sadly, makes my skin itchy beyond belief, and although its great for some, its really not ‘all that’ for me. I’m somewhat reluctant to even use this on clients, in fear it will cause a similar reaction on them.

Or Bioderma Sensibo H20, which although cannot seem to budge my make up without making my skin feel weird, is excellent for getting stains out of my carpet (who knew… a lid for every pan right??)  So i guess what i want to know, is, what are your cult beauty favourites and foes? Source: