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I love Mac Lipliners, they’re nice and waxy but are easy to apply. But the online descriptions and swatches can be a little misleading or hard to decide.

Mac describes Cherry as ‘A Bright Vivid Blue Red’ and Redd as ‘Clearly Red’ I mean WTH? How is that supposed to help me determine if it will go best with an orange red lipstick? Or will it add depth too my bright pinks?

So here are some comparison swatches so you can see what you’re getting yourself in too!
Redd too me feels a little orangey, and Cherry a is definitely a blue red which on my skin learns a little raspberry-ish.


Mac Cherry Lip Pencil

Mac Cherry is an opaque flat matte lipliner, it doesn’t have any depth of shimmer or sparkle. It works well under a variety of lipsticks, i love cherry under bright pinks to add depth or under red glosses to help them stick a little. It feels a little waxy on the lip, but not enough for it not to be comfortable to wear with a little balm on its own. I


Mac Redd Lipliner

Mac Redd Lipliner is an orangey toned liner, its not as opaque as Cherry but is easy to build up. I love Redd under True red lipsticks like Ruby Woo and Russain Red, it gives a little more depth to the colour, which gives a more glamourous feel.

Which lipliners do you love? Are there any i NEED to get?