wedding 2

On the 28th of July 2012 i said ‘I Do’ to my best friend, in front of 100 of our friends and family in a quiet venue outside of manchester. Everything was perfect, the beginning of our new beginning, a life built on our overwhelming desire to be together.

That day, scattered between bright sunshine and horrific storms, brought with it a strong message, things are not always going to be perfect, but you have to enjoy them anyway.

The last two years haven’t always been easy, there have been tears (lots of those) and laughs (more of those!) and through everything, my wonderful husband Matt has truly followed the words of our vows. In sickness and in health, he has held my hand and guided me through the bad days, in to every tomorrow with an optimism and strength I truly admire. Through Richer or poorer he has lay next to me at night and promised me that everything is going to be ok.

Today, two days before our wedding anniversary my wonderful husband is graduating with a First Class Degree in Biomedical Science, something I will watch with a heart full of pride. We have done a lot in our two years, and at the same time, so little. There have been long haul flights, road trips, bickering about the cleaning, countless TV series, burnt food and amazing meals. We have welcomed others newborns into this world , and said goodbye to some good friends. Every day, whatever challenge we face, I know he is there with me.

Not every day of this journey has been easy, in fact, a lot of them haven’t been. But it has never stopped being easy to be in love with my handsome husband.

Thank you Matt, for being a wonderful husband and friend, and an amazing two years.

I love you,
Pippa x