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Did i tell you i used to hate exercise? I went through phases of punishing my body with tonnes and then doing none for ages. I think it goes back to PE in school, i hated it, and spent a lot of my time sat out, i have hyper mobile joints and my hips would dislocate randomly, and my school wasn’t very well equipped so there wasn’t much variety. Recently I’ve developed a healthier relationship with exercise. When you’re e self employed and studying, motivation can be thin on the ground after a long day. So here are my tips for getting motivation to exercise.

1) Get the Kit right  
Recent Research shows that half of girls are put off doing PE because of the kits, and i can believe that, some families can barely afford to buy it at the beginning of the year, let alone when they outgrow it around february, so generally they’re bought too baggy in september, and then too small by march. This can majorly affect the way you feel,

So now I’m older, i like to treat myself to some nice work out clothes. They don’t have to be expensive, i get La Gear Shorts or Capris  from Sports Direct (around £12 for 2 when they’re on sale) and i get tops from the Nike or Adidas Outlet  (a little more expensive, but the fabric is stretchy and comfortable and washes well, you can find similar here.) they’re around £12 each.

Invest in good trainers, again shop the sales, the outlets but invest in a pair that suit your feet.

2. Get the right support (Part 1 and 2)


I. Get an amazing sports bra – Even if you aren’t a big size, remember that the bounce caused by running or movement can stretch the ligaments and leave you with well…saggy maggies… Its important to get the right size, so go try some on, and yes,  jump up and down. They get very expensive in the bigger bust sizes, so i get mine from here. This is cheaper than anywhere else for me, and i know my size already.

II. Try to have someone go with you, or at least be nice to you when things are hard. Funnily enough, I go with my husband, even though I don’t spend much time in the same bit of the gym as he does. Its good to have someone to motivate me to go, and to go find when I’m having a shitty time.

3. Don’t do it if it’s not right for you. 


I bought a few of those at home work out DVDs a while ago, thinking it would be easier to work out when i get half an hour instead of going to the gym, boy was i wrong.  I hated every minute of it, and by the end of it wanted to smush Jillian Michaels face into her yoga mat. I find working at the gym is better, I have a set amount of time and a plan of what to do. I am also responsible for my own workout, I push as hard as I want, not until I ‘faint puke or die’.  I can stick my headphones in, and do my work out with relative sanity at the end.
This isn’t true for everyone, some people love work out DVDs, for me, its for the bin.

4. Get into a routine 

giphy3I go to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and I go to pole fitness on a Thursday evening. Thats five days a week, and from next week ill be doing 6. My Physio recommends not doing any more than 5 days a week to allow for proper rest and recovery, so one of my gym days (usually saturday cos I’m knackered) is a more relaxed day and I don’t beat myself up if I can’t work as hard as I usually do.

Find a time of day to work out that is best for you, some people like to do it in the morning, I’m better in the evening!

But again, don’t feel terrible if you skip a day, I skipped friday cos i was exhausted, and I would have done myself an injury if i’d have gone. I’m not beating myself up about it, I did an amazing work out on Saturday instead!

5. Don’t worry about the weight.
And don’t compare yourself to them… 

giphy2I personally don’t weigh myself, I don’t think its a healthy way to measure my progress. And I don’t think one persons ideal weight is relative to anyone else.
I have a large chest for my frame, and really big hips, so my ideal weight for my height is very different to someone with a small bust and smaller hips.  I prefer to see change in my strength, endurance, and clothes instead. Remember, our weight changes naturally all the time, and its not necessarily fat gain or loss, we gain and lose water weight (especially around that time of the month) and we carry the weight of the food we’ve eaten in our bodies too. And muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’re getting stronger but not loosing weight quickly, thats great, you’re gaining muscle!

Working out consistently is the key to getting the results you want, not burning yourself out working your ass off for the sake of a bit of water weight.

What are your top tips for getting motivated?

Pippa xxx