No good story starts without a disaster, and this, my friends is a tale of tragedy, of love, and awesome hair.

My night began as I pulled my Qashqai (my chariot, if you will!) into a side road in Sale. The electrics flickered, and everything died. Several attempts too restart the engine later, I called the RAC begging for rescue, chatting away with my head resting on the steering wheel in despair. This is NOT what I needed tonight, frost on the roads, 12 miles to home and a dead engine.

Its 8 o’clock at night, and Sam has generously opened the salon late to accommodate me – but  unsurprisingly, I stumbled into Hair Boutique flustered, my hair knotted from the wind and freezing cold. Luckily for me – Sam – who had been charged with transforming my over-the-top, wild, curly hair into sleek and manageable hair worthy of a Disney Princess – was an absolute doll. The RAC promised to meet me inside so I didn’t turn into a Pip-sicle in the mean time, and Sam popped the kettle on. From the moment I walked in, it was like we have been besties for years. Consider her the cute sidekick in this tale!

First – we discussed my hair type, routine and how often I heat treat it. (Curly, textured, i wash it every few days and very rarely use heat!)
Sam then  washed and dried my hair to remove any product left in there,  then applied the Keratin Revolution treatment in small sections. Then my hair was set in this very attractive plastic cap, and stuck me under the dryer for 30 minutes. I actually really enjoyed this bit, it might have been getting warm under there – or a chance to catch up on all my emails! About this time RAC showed up and I declared undying love to anyone who could fix my car before we finished the treatment.  (This is the love story bit!) 1
The RAC man (the new love of my life) had arranged someone to drive a battery from Stoke to fit in my car. Sam washed my hair again to remove the excess product, and then carefully sectioned off and straightened my hair to give it the smooth straight look and complete the treatment. The RAC  engineer returned my car keys and my car was working! Triumph – now all I need is the Disney Princess hair.

Are you ready for the end result? I am in AWE of my own hair in these photos


Before and After : Photo Credit to Samantha Walker – Image Taken from here.

Look at that shine!!! Its amazing! And the real test for me was how my hair would behave after the first wash – but since this treatment – my hair is so much more manageable – its natural unruly curl is now straight and sleek. With Keratin Revolution – you do not need to leave your hair unwashed for days like traditional keratin treatments – however I left mine the usual three days. When washing – the hair feels soft and the Keratin Revolution Shampoo and Conditioner contain hydrolysed keratin to maintain the smooth effect at home.

I didn’t think I would be converted – but I am. My hair dries naturally in a beautiful straight sheet, it dries quicker and feels incredible.

I can’t thank Sam enough- not only did we not stop chatting for the whole two hours – but she was an incredible calming presence when I was so stressed out. I cannot recommend her enough.

Sadly – my love affair with the RAC engineer did not last – after fixing my car he left, to rescue another Damsel in distress.

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  • Thank you to Stephanie and the staff at Ledigo PR for this opportunity.
  • Thank you to RAC for rescuing me – the engineer arrived within 20 minutes of my initial call and they had fixed my car in under and hour and a half.