There is nothing as exciting as getting  a parcel in the mail. And nothing more frustrating than discovering your favourite brands do not ship to the UK. (I’m looking at you, Colourpop!) or discovering extreme shipping costs like £15 before taxes. So I’m going to tell you how I get US goodies over to the UK without inordinate shipping costs.

My Mall Box is a international shipping company which provides you with a US postal address and store your items until you are ready to ship. They also provide a re-packing service which allows you to bundle your items together in one package to save money.

You just check out your items with YOUR Billing Address, and your unique My Mall Box delivery address


If, like Ulta or other stores don’t accept your card type or billing address, you can use Buy This For Me. You select the items you want and they purchase the items for you.

So – How much are you looking at spending?

My Mum wanted to order some Bath and Body Works Candles from the sale – 12 Large Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles cost $93 to ship to the UK.

Once repackaged – with 4 other 3 wick candles candles, 2 pairs of socks, 2 Candle holders, 2 soap holders and 2 foaming hand soaps – the total for is $109.

Small Items 
3 Lipglosses, 3 Face Palettes, 2 Blush Compacts, 1 Foundation, 1 Concealer and A heap of samples cost me $30. I had these repackaged, and when they arrived they came packaged REALLY well. They took the time to carefully wrap each item for me.

As you may know, importing goods into the UK over the value of £15 incurs a charge of 20% and £8 handling fee. This can be a problem if your goods were bought on sale, but are declared as full price. You can edit the customs value of your goods in the My Shipments page – for example free samples you may mark at a customs value of $0.

Use thisMy Mall Box Code for $5 free shipping credit!