I would be lying if i said this came back to me naturally, it has been years since I rested my fingers on this keyboard and sat down to write something other than an essay, research or dissertation. Life has a way of taking the pleasure from simple things sometimes, opening my laptop became so associated with work that I couldn’t blog anymore. I fell in love with Instagram (give me a follow if you want to see what I’m up to more regularly!) , and started focusing my energy on growing my following on there. With that being said, on Monday 16th July 2018, I formally finished my degree, having completed 2000 hours of unpaid clinical hours, a 20 hour a week paid job, and trying to stay up to date with the local events and parties.  Its time to stretch my legs (or fingers) and dip my toe into the waters again.

So knowing I have been planning on blogging again, the team at GO:PR invited me to the first tasting at Juniper Restaurant in Hale, Cheshire. Juniper is a chain of contemporary cafe’s and restaurants in Cheshire, serving high quality continental foods and drink.


The atmosphere was very relaxed, with live music from Ian Lawton – which gave me a chance to pick the brains of other bloggers – what has changed in blogging since I left? I got to nosey on what everyone else was eating,  Ive taken a few sneaky snaps of our dinner, because are you even a blogger and did you even eat it if you didn’t get your camera out first?
The food – I would be lying if i didn’t say it was incredible. I don’t know what kind of magic they performed in the kitchen but it was delicious.
I would love to say something about the wine menu, but the less said about that the better, thank god i wasn’t driving! Straight to bed for me after…hic…hic…

And can we talk for a second about all day breakfast? Shift workers around the world understand my pain. Myself and my husband noticed a gap in the market recently for somewhere doing an all day breakfast which met both of our picky diet choices – Matt likes protein and sweet waffles, I like pancakes and oatmeal. We always seem to end up eating panini’s in a chain coffee shop because we can’t agree on where to eat, but Juniper have blown me away with the breakfast menu. During particularly tricky sections of the month when we are on completely opposite shifts, when he wants to eat breakfast food when I’m ready for my evening meal, Juniper is where we will be heading.

juniper5American Pancakes   Warm American pancakes, butter, real maple syrup on the side.
—Cheshire Spring Lamb Kleftiko – Braised Cheshire lamb shank, potato mash & garden vegetables
Fifth Taste Umami   – Marinated crispy skin roast chicken, wild mushrooms & baby


For bookings head over to Juniper’s Shiny website.
Thanks again to GO:PR for having me!